Modern Accounting Software

This software has been designed not only to produce statutory accounting data but to efficiently manage your business.

This has been achieved by prompting you to run as live as possible at all time and with all the necessary modules to cater for your business.

The fact that access is on-line means that you/your accountant can have access at any time.

Truly On-Line

The package has been designed from the bottom up to be on-line, meaning it is not an existing program that has been manipulated to fit the internet.

The advantages of being on-line are obvious, not to mention the cost saving of expensive data links.  Being on-line means that you can have your branches, outlets or warehouses on-line at all times, thereby being able to:

  1. Check stock from a remote location
  2. Place an order on the fly – invoice on the fly
  3. If you have a technical problem, your technical personnel can have access
  4. If you have an accounting problem, your accounting personnel can have access
  5. You do not have to give the tax man access unless he forces you to

Advantages for Small Business

You are up to date, backed-up and safe – the way this works is simple:

We have servers running in extremely safe places, designed to protect hardware and software for all kinds of threats, both physical and cyber.  This means that:

  1. the software you are using is always up-to-date
  2. your information is always backed up
  3. when your computer blows up, gets stolen, becomes out-of-date or retires on you, you will be able to continue working from another computer

The big advantage:

You do your accounting work to the level you are comfortable with and then your bookkeeper or accountant can do the rest without leaving their office – this includes year-end, thus reducing the costs and giving you the opportunity to keep up-to-date thereby being able to use your accounting information to manage your business.

Advantages for Medium Business

The accounting software can be used on our server or it can be installed on your server – instead of expensive data lines, you use the internet to run your network.  You can link live and on-line to branches, retail outlets and warehouses – in fact, all locations with ADSL internet access.

The package further allows for remote access by your bookkeeper, accountant, technical support and management.

The package has the necessary modules to cater for most businesses, including full job costing and project management. 

The package is secure and has been fully tested live.  The programme allows for multiple levels of access and has a full audit trail.

True Job Costing Project and Project Management

A big feature is the true job costing and project management module of the system – this really works and will literally run your manufacturing or building process.  Your technical staff  actually use the system to run the process.  This module saves time, money and allows you to run and manage your business in real time.

Accounting Software Modules

General Ledger

  1. Trade Debtors
  2. Trade Creditors
  3. Inventory
  4. Bill of Material
  5. Job Costing
  6. Project Management
  7. Point of Sale

Features include:

  1. Secure platform
  2. Internet based
  3. Multiple security and access levels
  4. Full audit trail
  5. Almost unlimited users and transactions
  6. Designed to grow with your business
  7. Suitable for small, medium and some large business
  8. Multi-currency
  9. Accessible from any location with suitable internet access
  10. Full reporting functions
  11. Scan and store documentation

Security and User Access Control

Page Web Accounting takes security very seriously and have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure the web accounting platform is secure and stable.  The security and stability has been tested over a number of years and is proven.

Access Control has been set at a number of levels to limit the use by authorised users to very specific parts of the programme to ensure that the user only has access to data that they are authorised to view.

The programme has a full audit trail that will identify exactly who, when and how a transaction was performed.

The programme has a full authorisation process for transactions, this allows transactions to be entered by general staff and only updated when the people with the necessary authorisation, release the transaction.

Environmentally Friendly

Page Web Accounting allows external access for staff,  accounts, bookkeeper or any person who is allowed access, meaning that if people need access to the system, all they need is access to the internet.

The scan and store facility further enhances this as back-up documentation is available with transactions.

The accountant/bookkeeper can work on the accounts without leaving their office.  Staff can work from alternate places thereby reducing the need to travel and has the potential to cut office space and ultimately, cut costs.